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    AccountManagerPlugin: Provide optional support for Radius authentication, refs #6788. · bfc22df8
    hasienda authored
    Changes originate from a patch kindly contributed by Chris Shenton for
    `acct_mgr-0.2.1dev` - long ago.
    Thanks for taking care for this as well as for recent license change agreement.
    It finally enabled merging the code including latest changes from !GitHub and
    further adjustments, including
     * correct auth store password check reject value FALSE instead of NONE
     * password and shared secret obfuscation for logging
     * default RADIUS server port value according to RFC
     * embedded configuration doc strings
     * unit tests for RADIUS auth store
    git-svn-id: https://trac-hacks.org/svn/accountmanagerplugin/trunk@14504 7322e99d-02ea-0310-aa39-e9a107903beb